He Described The Practices As Part Of The Community.

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"Our message has been consistent: these guys don't want to leave," Cox said. Six practices share the building: two general dentists, an orthodontist, an endodontist, a pediatric dentist and an optometrist. The doctors employ 60 people, including 23 Lowell residents. Stephen Reicheld, whose father, John, was one of the founding members in 1970, told The Sun Tuesday that the offices all collaborate with one another, working to offer a full range of dental care to patients from the same central location. Reicheld said he believes if the city seized the property and forced the practices to leave, they might not be able to replicate the same sort of cohesion. "In the Merrimack Valley, there's nothing like (the building)," Reicheld said. "We, literally, every day go between the offices and talk over cases. There's a symbiotic relationship that gets better and better." Evan Coravos, the other dentist who spoke with The Sun on Tuesday, is a Lowell resident and Lowell High School graduate (1973). He described the practices as "part of the community. Coravos said he worries about what would happen to patients already in treatment if the practices were forced to leave. "We don't know the schedule," he said.

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